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YOU SPOKE UP...WE LISTENED. Effective April 15, 2021, Havoc Productions and will make the following changes to the BLOOD, SWEAT & TIERS Tournament Series: BEGINNING AT THE TIER II LEVEL, ALL TOURNAMENTS WILL INCLUDE A COMBINATION OF CASH EARNINGS TO THE TOP 25%, AND TOKENS EARNED FOR THE NEXT TIER WILL BE REDUCED TO THE TOP 12.5%. Example: Previously, a 16-player Tier II event would result in (4) Tier III tokens being earned by the top four finishers. With this change, that same event will result in the top two finishers each earning a Tier III token, and the top (4) finishers will earn a share of $500.00 in cash. A Tier III event with 16 players will result in the top two finishers each earning a Tier IV token, and the top (4) finishers will earn their share of $2,000.00 in cash. We have a growing Tournament Purse, and are eager to pay the players that earn it. This will speed up that process. PLAYERS WHO WISH TO TRADE UP MAY DO SO AT THE TIER II LEVEL AND HIGHER. Example: A player wishes to participate in a Tier III Event but does not have a Tier III token. They do, however, have (4) Tier II tokens. They may email a request to Trade Up to Their (4) Tier II tokens will be exchanged for (1) Tier III token, and they are now able to enroll for the Tier III event. Trade Up options are not available to players at the Tier I level. ALL TOURNAMENT HANDICAPS WILL BE DETERMINED BY THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR. HAVOC RECOMMENDS FARGORATE, BUT IT IS NOT REQUIRED. ALL EVENTS WILL CONTINUE TO BE REPORTED TO FARGORATE REGARDLESS OF HANDICAP SYSTEM USED BY THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR. This will enable participation with minimal dispute where FargoRate is relatively new or not established. Keep in mind that by reporting the scores to FargoRate, those regions will begin to establish Fargo Ratings for players in the area. WE ARE VERY EXCITED TO BRING THESE CHANGES TO YOU, AND AS ALWAYS, YOUR FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED. KEEP IT COMING! WE ARE ALWAYS LISTENING, SO SEND IT OUR WAY TO ADMIN@HAVOCBILLIARDS.COM.

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