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Havoc Productions is a company specializing in the promotion and production of cue sports.


Events include individual challenge matches, team matches, tournaments, clinics, and promotions to increase the game’s footprint in the local community as well as provide attention nationally.

The events put in motion by Havoc include professional and amateur players, generating purses not seen in recent years or even decades in this country.


Havoc also provides opportunities for amateurs to meet and play with top professionals, learn from top professionals, and interact with them.  One of the most unique aspects of this game is just how close one can get to their idols, and Havoc makes it possible.


There will always be something new coming from Havoc.  Check the calendar for events and promotions in your area!


The US Open 10-Ball and 8-Ball events pay less than $15,000 to win them.  The US Open 9-Ball last year paid the winner $50,000.  39th place in the 2019 US Open Golf Championship paid more than that, with the winner receiving over $2M.  Not to mention the player endorsement opportunities.  Why?  There are about 24 million golfers in this country, and an estimated 30 million people who play pool.  This comparison demonstrates that the pool and billiard industry has missed many opportunities to grow.

Golf is hard.  Requires tons of dedication, hard work, practice, and training.  Pool is hard.  Requires tons of dedication, hard work, practice, and training. The best golfers have nerves of steel and are steady under pressure.  The best pool players have nerves of steel and are steady under pressure.

At Havoc, we’d like to see top professional pool players make more for what they do.  It’s about time.  And it starts from the ground up.

The point is this. Pool and billiards are widely unappreciated in this country, and the general public doesn’t truly understand what it takes to be great at this game.  It’s not on television, it’s not widely talked about, and it lacks significant sponsorship.

Havoc is going to change all of it. With a commitment to grow the sport nationally, events are going to reach $1 Million in prize money. Don’t believe us? Check out the Havoc $1M 10-Ball Challenge!

About Chad Sholders

Chad has spent virtually all of his adult life as a self-employed entrepreneur.  In fact, he has held only one meaningful job since the age of 18 as an employee.  Most of his career consists of construction and development in the great state of Colorado, having built almost 100 bars and restaurants, single and multi-family housing projects, retail stores, law and architect offices, among other things.  He has also owned two restaurants of his own, and in his career, has employed more than 500 people.


Chad was born in Glendale, Arizona, but was swiftly moved to Oregon while his father spent a year serving our country as an Air Force fighter pilot in Vietnam.  Once he returned (thankfully), he was raised in Southern California for the most part, with a 3-year stint in Spain as a kid.  It wasn’t until he was about 13 that he saw a pool table in his Uncle Jack’s man cave.  By the age of 16, he was hooked on the game.

He moved to Colorado to attend University of Colorado Boulder, and quickly realized college wasn’t for him, as he had already started his third business by the time he attended his first class.  Playing competitively from the age of 18 until 24, he mostly focused on local tournaments and cash games, until his lifestyle required him to retire his cues.  Chad didn’t pick up a pool cue from 1996 through 2012.  In 2012, being an entrepreneur, he recognized the need for a pool room in a small city in Colorado.  Although he elected not to open the hall, his cues got dusted off and he’s been playing ever since.


Being a pretty fierce competitor, he wanted to find out how much ground he’d lost to his peers during his 16-year hiatus.  The answer-- plenty.  But he has played in over 50 open/ pro events around the country to test himself against the best, and cashed more than a dozen times in these events, finishing as high as 3rd in two of them.  Nevertheless, his revived dream of becoming a top professional was just that.  Chad realized his talents as a businessman and developer of ideas would better serve the world of pool and billiards than his ability as a player.


His player exploits, however, brought him to a room in Colorado one day where he met the woman of his dreams, his best friend, Abbey, whom he married in 2019.  What more could this man want?  She’s incredibly intelligent, beautiful, loves to play pool (Colorado Women’s Amateur and Wyoming Open Champ!), and she loves his two daughters Taylor and Jaden as if they were her own.  Those that don’t know Chad now understand the source of his gray hair...protecting his perfect daughters from, well, everything.


And so, with this experience and love for the game, Chad introduced Havoc Productions to the billiard world in August 2020.

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