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  • Does it cost anything to register for HAVOC?
    Yes. There is a one-time registration fee of $20. There are no subsequent renewal fees, annual dues, or sanction fees. Once you’ve registered with HAVOC and created an account, you will have access to events, your data and statistics.
  • Is HAVOC a league?
    No. HAVOC is a company that promotes all things related to pool and billiards. We host tournaments, showcase exhibitions, promote and produce challenge matches, among other things.
  • How much does it cost to play?
    Tier I Tokens are $30. Each Token you buy gives you access to a Tier I Tournament. In order to play in a Tier II Tournament, you must earn one by winning a Tier I Tournament, and so on.
  • Can I buy more than one token at a time?
    Of course! In fact, it may be wise to do just that. If a local Tournament Director is hosting events, it is highly likely they will schedule more than one at a time. If at first you don’t know the rest.
  • Can I buy tokens for any tier?
    No. Only Tier I Tokens can be purchased on our website. We’d like to see you succeed through hard work and perseverance through advancement in Tournaments. However, if you are feeling a little impatient, consider a Trade Up. At the Tier II Level and higher, a player can submit a request to to Trade Up at a 4:1 ratio. For example, if you’d like a Tier III token, submit a request, and we will trade (4) of your Tier II tokens for (1) Tier III token.
  • How do I win a HAVOC tournament?
    If you enter a Tournament, and finish in the top 25%, you have won and are awarded a Token for the next Tier Level. If you are playing in a HAVOC Cash Award Tournament, see the Cash Award details for that Tournament.
  • Are the tournaments handicapped?
    HAVOC Tournament Directors have the discretion regarding handicapping their events. Of course, HAVOC recommends using FargoRate, but where not possible or practical, they are authorized to use a different handicapping system or none at all in some cases. Events produced and directed specifically by HAVOC (namely large Cash Events) use FargoRate. Check with your local tournament director for the event you wish to play to understand the handicapping for that event.
  • I qualified by finishing in the top 25% for a tournament, but I don't see my higher tier token in my account. What should I do?"
    It takes 48 hours for our systems to update and post results, so please be patient. If you haven’t seen your account update after a 48-hours period, contact us at Keep in mind that some events at the Tier II level and higher offer Tokens for advancement as well as Cash Earnings, which means that there are some tournaments that may, for example, only award Tokens to the next Tier to the top 12.5%, but Cash Earnings for the top 25%. Check the details for each event to be sure before entering.
  • Can tournaments be played for cash awards at any tier level?
    Only Tier I tournaments do not offer Cash Earnings. At the Tier II level and higher, Token rewards and Cash Earnings are paid to the top players. Check the details for each specific event.
  • I want to quality for the $1M 10-ball, but what if it fills up before I can win a Tier IV tournament? Am I out of luck?"
    Of course not! See our Tournament Page for upcoming Main Events. Or take your Tier IV Token and jump in one of those Tournaments!
  • My friend came with me to play in a tournament but he doesn't have any tokens. Can I loan him one on your website so he can play too?
    Nope. It’s awesome that you’d be so kind as to cover a tournament entry for your friend, but we do not allow “scooting” of Tokens at HAVOC.
  • I cashed in one of your tournaments. How do I get paid?
    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Great Accomplishment. As soon as our tournaments are posted, we send payment within 5 business days. Keep in mind that these earnings are taxable, so we require a W-9 prior to payment. If you earned money in a tournament, you will be notified via email. Once the paperwork is submitted and verified, payment is issued.
  • Do I need to have an established Fargo Rating, and how does HAVOC prevent sand-bagging?"
    Great question. Our local Tournament Directors use their discretion regarding handicapping. We recommend FargoRate, but they may elect to handicap their events differently. Scores are carefully monitored by our staff, and an established Fargo Rating sure helps. Events produced and directed specifically by HAVOC (namely large Cash Tournaments) use FargoRate. Having said that, we take sand-bagging very seriously, and do not condone it. Furthermore, if HAVOC considers any player to be severely under-ranked as displayed by their results, we have the authority and reserve the right to adjust their handicap accordingly. As always, send concerns about this issue to
  • Are professional players allowed to play in HAVOC tournaments?
    These days, it’s tough to define a Professional Pool Player. We will answer it this way. No player with an established FargoRate of 730 or higher is permitted to play in our events.
  • I registered for a Tier I tournament, but couldn't make it in time. Can I get a refund?"
    Unfortunately no. It is unfair to other players, so entries are non-refundable. Please be diligent and ensure you can attend before entering.
  • I won a Tier III tournament and want to play in a Tier IV tournament, but there aren't any in my area. What are my options?"
    If you don’t see any Tournaments in your area for the Tier level you wish to participate, please contact us at and we will contact local Directors to see what may be available in your area.
  • Are greens fees included in my token purchase?
    No. Greens fees vary from pool room to pool room. But sometimes HAVOC might surprise you by footing the bill. Check the Tournament Details for your event. It’s always posted.
  • I am a pool room owner/manager and would like to host tournaments. What do I do to get started?
    Thanks for your interest! Please contact us at and we will send you the information you will need to begin. There is a short vetting process, but it’s easy and a great opportunity for Pool Room Owners and Managers to fill up their tables!
  • I don't own a pool hall, but I love running tournaments in my area. Is it possible for me to be a Tournament Director?"
    It sure is. So long as you have access and permissions from your local pool halls, we’d love to have you! Contact us at and we will send you the information. As with Pool Room Owners and Managers, there is a short vetting process.
  • Does HAVOC pay Tournament Directors to run their tournaments?
    Yes. Our Tournament Directors are paid weekly for each Tournament hosted, and each Tournament is certified for payment upon Tournament results being posted and verified. It’s a great opportunity for a Pool Room Owner or Manager to increase their revenue as well as traffic to their room. And a great supplement for individuals that like to run Tournaments in their area.
  • I am a Tournament Director. How do I schedule events?
    Scheduling events is simple. Just contact us at to let us know the Tournament Tier, date, location, game (8-ball, 9-ball or 10-ball), and number of players and we will post it for you on our website so players can register. We suggest posting more Tournaments than you might need. For example, if you know 16 players are coming, we might suggest you have us post (5) 8-player Tournaments for your venue in the event you have players wanting to sign up for more than one. We can always remove them later.
  • Can I collect cash from players that wish to play in a tournament at my venue?
    No. All Tournament entries must be done through our website. Your players must have an account with HAVOC and purchase a Token to play in your event.
  • I have 18 players interested in a Tier I tournament. Can I run one with 18 players?
    Of course! We will do the math. For example, a Tier I tournament with 16 players will award (4) Tier II Tokens to the top 4 players. If there are 18, it’s not as simple. This would award the top 6. (4) Tier II tokens to the top 4, and (1) Tier I Token each to 5th and 6th place.

Didn't answer your question? Please feel free to contact HAVOC at and we will provide you with answers to any questions you may have. 

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