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As you likely already know, handicaps all matches and events. Our goal is to give every player the absolute best chance to compete and succeed in a skilled competition where the range of expertise, experience, and knowledge is tremendously vast.

We have chosen FargoRate for handicapping because we believe it provides the most accurate handicaps in the game.

With this widespread player base, one might argue that there is no way to create a fair tournament where anyone can win. We disagree. In fact, what we have seen thus far may surprise you.

Here’s some data…

  • Havoc has retained all data from every match played in our blood, sweat & tiers tournament qualifier series. Every name, every game, every match, the equipment used, every stated race, and every actual result. 252 matches and 1,939 games were analyzed. We realize this is a small sample size, but the information illustrates some important information.

  • Fargo ratings for participants ranged between 267-693, a spread of 426 points. Fargo rates for winners of qualifiers ranged between 338-693, a spread of 355.

  • 26% of all matches played went double-hill.

  • 53% of all matches played were either double-hill or within one game of it.

  • The stated races between opponents in these matches allowed for a maximum of 2,356 games to be played if every match went the distance. 82% of that maximum possible number of games was played.

  • 35 of 252 matches were shutouts.

  • If one were to (unscientifically of course) consider the shutouts as outliers, therefore removing them from the analysis, then 61% of the remaining matches played were either double hill or within one game of it. And 86% of the maximum games possible were played.

Here’s the point-- the large majority of these matches have been close and competitive. And that’s what we are after. If every match went the distance, we’d be thrilled. But it won’t...Because we’re human.

If you’re catchin’ what Havoc is throwin’, please share this, like our Facebook page @havocproductions, and tell a friend...Growing the game through Havoc depends on you, and we appreciate the support!

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